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Buffalo Spirit was first published as a supplement to Windspeaker, one of the Aboriginal Multi Media Society of Alberta's newspapers in 2000. Buffalo Spirit continued to publish on a quarterly basis with interviews from Elders, which are unedited, along with stories and legends that concern Aboriginal culture and spirituality.

"Buffalo Spirit is about a journey, a journey of self-discovery of one's cultural and spiritual roots."

Bert Crowfoot, the publisher of AMMSA wrote this phrase in the first issue of Buffalo Spirit, in his publisher's statement where he talks of how the concept of Buffalo Spirit came into being. The following is an excerpt from the statement made by Bert Crowfoot, Founder of Buffalo Spirit Communications Foundation.

"Buffalo Spirit is for those individuals who are searching for who they are and where they come from. It is especially confusing for those individuals who grew up in the city and not on the reserve. When one is searching for spiritual identity, there can be much frustration with mainstream religion.

Another thing adding to the confusion is how ceremonies have changed. After hearing about a ceremony that somehow has changed over the years and is now done backwards, in the past, spiritual leaders were quick to correct these mistakes and ensure the purity of the ceremonies.

We have lost many of these spiritual leaders and with their passing goes that knowledge. What can be done to preserve this knowledge?

I don't agree with videotaping or photographing ceremonies, but the late Joe Crowshoe, a spiritual leader from the Peigans, once allowed a pipe ceremony to be photographed because he felt that it was important that the ceremony be preserved. Is this the answer?

I spent time soul searching in the mountains around southern Alberta about whether or not it was right to publish stories on cultural and spiritual matters. The answer I received was that that was the purpose for Buffalo Spirit and the time was right.

I want you the readers to participate by sending us your letters, emails and faxes concerning your questions, life experiences or your philosophies on spirituality. The more discussion we have the more we will learn by sharing. Buffalo Spirit is your magazine and only you can make it fulfill its calling. Being Indian is about sharing; sharing not only to feed our physical beings, but to feed our spiritual beings as well. May the Creator be a part of your life and may your journey be a good one."


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