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Through websites and video on-line we are witnessing the fastest growing form of communication and in keeping with this trend, Buffalo Spirit offers website visitors a opportunity to encounter cultural teachings in the oral tradition of Aboriginal people. We have interviewed those who uphold the cultural knowledge of their community and from the spiritual and natural worlds.

This website is about our ties to ancient teachings and personal histories shared by Elders that are relevant today. For Aboriginal people and the world. We are creating new cultural works with video on-line that captures the spirit of the present and of our history as Aboriginal people.

A buffalo skull with smoke

Buffalo Spirit~Culture On line is the beginnings of a compilation of the rich history and culture of Aboriginal people.  This includes interviews with Elders who are no longer with us. While they cannot personally pass along a way of life, stories, and songs, their legacy through video, print and audio recordings can still impact current and future generations. Listen closely to their teachings for they speak of one force, of one connection to all within the traditions and ceremonies of each nation. They tell us we have been given our ceremonial life as a roadmap to this one source.

We are asking the Elders to discuss how we can keep ceremonies intact and alive in today's fast paced world of television, video games and the world wide web. This is a discussion on how and if current intellectual property laws can be used to protect sacred knowledge. And if not, does that mean the alternative is for Aboriginal communities to develop their own guidelines to prevent unwanted disclosure.

Buffalo Spirit Communications Foundation has an undertaking from the spiritual and cultural people to make certain what they have shared with us is protected. One of the ways we are meeting this responsibility is by not showing entire ceremonies or songs. We are also aware that this information is our lifeline to healthier way of life and it is here for us. As one of the culturally trained people have said the only way to integrate this knowledge is to live it. And that is very different from taking it and using it for personal gain.

At Buffalo Spirit ~ Culture On Line, we have an open forum for discussion on this very important and timely set of issues that surround the protection of specific cultural activities of Native people in this country and in the world. We welcome your constructive and positive comments, insights and knowledge. Please see our Intellectual Property section.

The challenge for Native people now is to learn and master the ability to move in and out of many worldviews. In this man made world, we have our digital communications and because of it our lives constantly change in our man-made world. In the other world, we enter ritual to call in the spirits of our tribal ancestors, and the supernatural connections to all life that is as old as the earth itself. As we learn to master these worlds, we can move to places within ourselves that are sacred where there is only love.





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