Jerry Potts

Jerry Potts

Jerry Potts, Piikani, Blackfoot Nation

"Bringing back the ways of our people is a big part of my life's journey."

Jerry is a member of the Piikani First Nation east of the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta. He has spent his whole life in Piikani, with a considerable part of it working toward keeping the Blackfoot traditions alive. Jerry is a Pipe Maker for the Horn Society, Medicine Pipe Holders, Buffalo Women's Society, All Brave Dogs and other Ceremonialists within Indian Country. He has been inducted into the All Brave Dogs as the Leader that brought back the First Sundance to the Piikani in 45 years in 1977. Since then, he had many transfers like the Horn Society, Beaver Bundle, Thunder Lodge, Big Smoke Ceremony, Weather Dancer. Jerry and his wife are currently keepers of the Long Time Pipe on the Northern Piikani Reservation. Jerry's enduring dedication to the ways of his people attest to his hard working manner and persistence.

He worked tirelessly with the Alberta Government to Repatriate Ceremonial Bundles to the Blackfoot Confederacy, and currently works with the Federal Government as the Communication Manager for Statistics Canada. This has allowed him to work with First Nations and Aboriginal groups from Manitoba, British Columbia, Yukon, NWT, Inuvialuit, & Nunavut. He can Shoot 3 bottles thrown in the air.


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