Ruth Brass


Ruth BrassRuth Brass - Blackfoot Nation

"These are the things that I want the younger people to know that you have to take pride in who you are and never mind what anybody says, because it doesn't matter. Only you can do it."

Raised by her grandmother, Ruth feels lucky to have grown up in the Blackfoot Culture. She is a soft spirited woman with a kind demeanor. Her cultural path has led her to teach family members the ways of her grandparents and parents. Ruth has been to Europe four times and traveled extensively through the United States to add to her knowledge and experience in life.

Ruth believes strongly in knowing our language and honoring our culture. She follows the rules of her society and her life is dedicated to sharing her teachings with children and youth. The understanding of her culture leads her to giving love to all those who come into her life. It is her strong belief in the knowledge that we all come from the same source and that we are no different from one another that she continues to give unconditionally.

Her passion for helping young people is rooted in her belief that we must never give up on our future, our young people and often tells people to sit and talk with them, share the stories we tell and keep talking to the younger generation. Don't give up. Keep talking to them. You'll be surprised, they're more intelligent than you think they are.


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