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Through websites and video on-line we are witnessing the fastest growing form of communication and in keeping with this trend, Buffalo Spirit offers website visitors a opportunity to encounter cultural teachings in the oral tradition of Aboriginal people. We have interviewed those who uphold the cultural knowledge of their community and from the spiritual and natural worlds.

Quest of Buffalo Spirit

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The Quest of Buffalo Spirit

"Where the buffalo was essential to the physical survival of several Native tribes, it is the spirit of the Buffalo that represents the spiritual survival of Native people today."


Buffalo Spirit Magazine

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Buffalo Spirit Magazine

Buffalo Spirit was first published as a supplement to Windspeaker, one of the Aboriginal Multi Media Society of Alberta's newspapers in 2000. Buffalo Spirit continued to publish on a quarterly basis with interviews from Elders, which are unedited, along with stories and legends that concern Aboriginal culture and spirituality.

Buffalo Spirit Communications Foundation

Buffalo Spirit is about bringing the teachings of our ancestors through our Elders now to a wide audience, especially to Aboriginal people. It is for the people and only the people can make it fulfill its calling. The foundation, incorporated on January 5 2005, set out some very specific goals to reflect Aboriginal culture today.

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